Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's been a while I know but...

So there’s been a little talk about blogging and what kind of behavior bloggers can/should expect from readers who leave comments. It’s really sad, I think that people feel the need to get nasty with others. Now, some people have the point of view that a blog is a public forum and that when one sticks their neck out, they should expect rude comments. Others would say that blogs are like an extension of their homes and that just as you shouldn’t be rude to someone in their home, you shouldn’t be rude on blog comments. I don’t wholly agree or disagree with either school of thought but lets run with the home metaphor.

To some degree, a blog would be like opening the door to your home. Sometimes undesirable things will make their way into your home if you do that. We are sticking ourselves out there to some degree and when you leave your door open and unattended, that is a risk you are taking. Ok. Fine. I can buy that. But let’s say someone decides to say “Oh! Your door is open. Let me just poop on your doorstep.” Is it an option? Yes. Is it ok? No. And let’s be clear. I’m not talking about someone reading someone’s blog and starting discourse by simply disagreeing. I’m talking about people being downright invective. And I’m not talking about political blogs. I’m talking craft blogs. Come on. Is there really a need?

Some have said that blogs are a public forum and that a blogger should set guidelines for behavior. Eh…I’m not sure about that. I don’t think a blog is a democracy. Again, if this is my home and I’ve opened the door, when you poop in my doorway, I can kick you out. And I’m not sure that something like this is so imperceptible that you have to say “Hey, could you not be abusive in your comments?” I’m talking (clearly) from my point of view. Do I want feedback? Yes. I’m new at my crafts and that’s what I’m looking for. Am I open to constructive criticism? Absolutely. But let’s face it, what’s being discussed here isn’t constructive criticism and it’s not healthy dissension. People are trying to be hurtful and it’s completely unnecessary. Many people are simply looking to connect and share.

I wasn't born here but I live in the US. I am all for the first amendment. I think there is honor in defending a right that would have me hear someone spurn all that I stand for. I see the foresight and democracy in that. And I don’t believe that I have a fundamental right not to be offended. Having said that, however, I’m a strong believer in “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” And it doesn’t mean it’s ok. And although the abusive individuals are exercising their rights to express themselves, they are doing it in such a way that would perhaps stop others from exercising theirs.

Overall, let me say that I really like being a part of this community and I can say that I’ve experienced more wonderful, witty, funny and caring people than mean-spirited, negative and down right “ucky” people. I really hope bloggers don’t become discouraged by these events and shut down. I know I’ve bored you silly with my rant but bear with me just a bit longer and visit Jane’s post on this. She is much more insightful and eloquent than I. So I think that counts as this week’s site of interest.

And…Oh yeah. I promise a post about actual crafting coming soon. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Alright, who stuffed a few extra days into this week?

Whew. I am SO glad it is the weekend. It was such an insane week at work, I asked my boss for Monday off. I told her that I had to purposeful reason for asking other than the fact that I was sick to death of the sight of the place. So it’s a 4-day weekend for yours truly.

I did find time to put a teensie bit of a dent on Picovoli.

And I also started on Jaywalker.

I just couldn’t resist the Lorna’s laces yarn. This is my first pair of socks. Wish me luck!

I was also able to start plying the blue stuff.

I’m not doing cartwheels over it but I suppose it’s an improvement over my last attempt at long draw.

I also found time for a “little” retail therapy.

Along my little therapy trip(s), I picked up Suzan Mischer’s Greetings from Knit CafĂ©. I really like the patterns in this book. There is the cutest little dress pattern and a GORGEOUS gown. Although, I have no idea how practical the gown would be. I’ve been feeling the pull towards my crochet hooks again but I really wasn’t jazzed over any of the patterns I have so also picked up Melissa Leapman’s Cozy Crochet and Debbie Stoller’s crochet book The Happy Hooker. I have to confess, I was never really able to jump on the Stitch n’ Bitch craze. I really never went too nuts over the patterns, don’t ask me why, it’s not that I don’t think the patterns are neat or inventive but it didn’t really strike a cord with me. But this book I like. I think there are several patterns in there I will really enjoy making. The other book I picked up (finally) was Mason-Dixon Knitting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. I love the philosophy behind it, I love the patterns. I’ve had my eye on it for months and just had to get it.

I also happened to pick up Knitscene. I haven’t read any other posts about this, although, I’m sure there are a few but I’m guessing this might be a love it or hate it issue in Knitter World. Who knows, maybe some of the patterns will end up on You Knit What but I really really like the projects in this issue. They’re very interesting to me and appeal to my romantic side, particularly these two.

Oh! Speaking of interesting and romantic knitting, have you checked out the progress of Eunny’s GORGEOUS gorgeous top. MAN, that lady is talented.

Anyway, back to retail therapy (yes, there’s more, you knew there’d be more). Another craft I wanted to breathe some life back into was my sewing. I’ve just been blah about the skirt I’ve been working on. So blah, in fact that I haven’t really posted about it.

I was never crazy about the fabric and I just wasn’t getting anywhere with it. So, when I was able to get a breather from work, I took a walk over to the Fabric District. I found these at Win Mil and I bought new patterns…

…and new fabric.

The people at Win Mil were wonderful. As I said, I’m new at this so all help is greatly appreciated. When I was looking around bewildered, there was always a “May I help you?” And when I brought my items to the register, the woman at the counter noticed the zipper I had chosen for one of the projects. She asked me what I was going to use the zipper for and suggested another, more appropriate (and much less expensive) zipper. I don’t know about you but I really miss the long forgotten process known as customer service. I’m not saying I want people to fawn over me or be looking over my shoulder every two seconds but when did the memo go out saying that “please”, thank you” and “have a nice day” were all being replaced with “mmm hmmm”. What is that? And don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a tough job. I did it for years and years. But I think it’s a sad statement when DH and I go to a store, happen upon someone knowledgeable and polite and say “Wow, he/she was actually nice.” Forgive me if I’m being platitudinous here but ugh.

In other news, I’m a bit bummed because I can’t go to Sunday Spinners today. My cable has been on the fritz since last Saturday. So we have a tech coming out today and you know how that goes. He’ll be here between the hours of “blah” and “blah”. My internet has been flapping as well. Fun is…DH has a competition on The Cape today so I guess I drew the short straw. Oh well. More time for crafting…