Monday, September 24, 2007

Checking In With Actual FO's!!!

Just thought I'd pop my head in and let show you some FO's
By a Hare’s Breath.
So the Bodacious Bunny Set for my SIL's new baby is done. Here’s a picture of the sweater blocking.

Here it is post blocking and pre-assembly.

And here the final pic.

Pattern: Bodacious Bunny Set
Source: The Natural Knitter by Barbara Albright
Size: 9 Mos.
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Angel, 8 skeins Mint, 1 skein Natural
Needles: US 5, US 7, US 7 Circular, US 4 DPN’s (for bunny)
Pattern Notes:
This was a very easy and quick pattern (it helps that little people wear little clothes). It was really well written, I can’t think of anything that was particularly unclear.

Again, I’m a newbie so I’m not yet confident enough to alter a pattern but had I felt a bit bolder, I would’ve changed this to be knit in the round, there’s no real reason not to. The other thing I would’ve done differently is instead of casting off the shoulders and sewing the seams, I would’ve incorporated the 3-needle bind-off. Cuts the steps in half. This isn’t a criticism of the pattern at all, just what I’m learning to be my preference as I’m progress. On the bright side, however, it was my first experience in sewing a shoulder seam and it was a good learning experience.

About the only thing I actually found questionable was the number of skeins called for. I knit pretty much to gauge and my gauge swatch matched the instructions in the pattern. The pattern called for 6 skeins for the size I made yet it required no fewer than 8. Perhaps the writer is simply a tighter knitter than I but I felt it bore mentioning. I also think that next time I don’t knit something in the round I will most certainly try slipping the edges. Sewing the sleeves up with the clumsy increase edges was a huge PITA.

By the way, I know the bunny looks a little...well...dead in the pic but it is just the angle. He's quite cute, really.

Yarn Notes:
I’m going to do just a smidge of whining about the price of this yarn. You just don’t seem to get a whole lot for your Lorna’s Laces Angel buying dollar. $13+ for 50 yards seems a bit excessive. The skein was something like 2 inches long. I went through a bit of sticker shock. That being said, the yarn is quite GORGEOUS. You can’t go wrong Angora and Lambswool unless, of course, allergies are a factor. I ADORED the color. The only real concern I had was the threat of felting the angora. I was, after all, knitting this in mid-July. But it fared well. I blocked with a spray bottle for the same reason. I’m quite proud of this little piece.

What? A Sewing FO?

I know. I'm really excited. This is really my first sewing FO as I haven't finished anything lately. So, without further ado, The Big Nap Pillow.

Pattern: Big Nap Pillow
Size: One Size

I LOVED this pattern! It was great. I did make a couple of errors, some of which I could MacGuyver and some I could not. I won't point the mistakes out but I'm pretty sure you can see them if you look. Other than a couple of mishaps, I really enjoyed making this pattern. I love the thought behind the design. The fact that the inner pillow can be removed, the fact that the pillow has a handle. I just really like this thing. And it's HUGE! My future niece or nephew will be able to nap on this thing until she or he is 10. But it's very squishy and just right for a little one to nap on.

The only thing I did differently with this pattern was that I didn't close up the inner pillow before I finished everything else. I was concerned that I had over stuffed it and that I'd have to open it back up. I'm glad I waited because when I put the inner pillow inside the casing, it was way WAY too poofy.

I Speet On Your Second Sock Syndrome...PHUH!

Oh like you didn't already think I was silly.

I finished a pair...that's right...A PAIR of socks.

Pattern: Our Favorite Sock Pattern
Yarn: Trekking XXL (Sorry, Dono't remember the colorway)
Needles: US3 DPN's
Pattern Notes:
This was as basic as sock pattern as they come. It was very fast and was a lot of fun to make. No real issues with the pattern and I followed the instructions as given. Love the colorway (come on, it's Trekking) and I'm very pleased with the way it came out.
What Else?
I'm still working on the FPS and also have Monkeys on the needles using Claudia Handpainted Sock Yarn (YUMMY). I'll post some pics of those soon. Other than that, I've purchased way too much yarn and fiber and spend way too much time on Ravelry. So life is good!
Hope all is well with you.
Take Good Care

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Overuse of My Camera Phone

Phew! What a busy week. Work is crazy and I haven't had a moment to breathe. But it hasn't been all stress. I have gotten in some QT with my camera phone. (So I apologize ahead of time for the quality of some of these pics).

Visit to the Motherland

Well...At least my motherland. DH and I took his aunt and uncle to visit my family. We visited old Montreal, got to go to the Jazz Fest (if you haven't been, you should!) and were fed to within an inch of our lives. Good times, good times. I love the drive to Montreal. If you've driven up you know what I mean when I say corn...corn...corn...UNUSUALLY LARGE COKE DUDE! corn...corn...corn...STRIP CLUB! Interesting.

First DH and I went here on Monday and watched the Red Sox win.

Unfortunately, it's been their only win so far this week. We didn't actually sit in these particular seats, that picture I took on a tour of Fenway that I was lucky enough to take recently. I believe the seat in the pic is one of the oldest in the park.

We were also lucky enough to be sitting 6 rows back from Home Plate. So if you watched the game (and knew who the heck I was) you saw me on T.V. We've sat in these seats before and a friend of mine has a tape of that game but I'm pretty sure I don't want to see it. When she mentioned it, I couldn't help but think of the episode of friends when they're all sitting around watching the old home movies of Monica and Ross and Monica is particularly heavy so she says "The camera adds 10 lbs." and Chandler says "Mmm. How many cameras were on you?"...But I digress.

July Blooms
It's Stargaze Lily time again!

Not that I've been home enough to truly enjoy these but just to see them and take a passing whif of them in the morning starts my day of jeeeuuust right.

And we're leaving town again just in time to miss these beauties bloom

Balloon Flowers! Have you ever heard of them? I hadn't until we made our annual pilgrimage to the greenhouses this year. I can't wait to see the bloom.

Shut Up! Actual Crafting Content!
Yes, Yes, I have some of that too. I've actually gotten some QT with my mom's Forest Path Stole! No really. See?

Talk about your crappy pictures. WOOF! I'll take better pics, I promise but look at that! 6 tiers done! Only...17 more to go. Oy.

I also joined Ravelry! I love it! Absolutely worth the wait. I've gotten some pics in there. I've logged some of my projects. It's great!

As for this weekend? DH and I are off to one of our fave New England towns, Stowe, VT. I'll try and actually take some decent pics.

Until then,

Take Good Care

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Etsy Goodness

Hope everyone's week is going well. I'm still working on Mom's FPS. There's been frogging. Let's not get into it.

I wanted say thanks for all of the lovely comments about about the Flying Geese Blanket and of course about Otis. I'm sure I'll be boring you with more pics of our little red head in the future.

I also wanted to share a pic of my most recent Etsy binges. (Sigh). I know, I know. But it's good stuff! Look for yourself.

ROVING!!! Oh. I just love the coloways here. The top braid of roving is from The Fiber Denn and the colorway is "Harvest", I believe. The fiber is Wensleydale. The bottom two are from Yummy Yarns. "Electric Lady" is the purple colorway, a merino/silk blend while the second is called "Gummy Worms" and is BFL. Yummy, indeed. I wanted to mention what a wonderful experience I've had with these two VERY talented vendors. The shipping was super fast which this particular fiber addict...I mean enthusiast really appreciates. And the lovely lady at Yummy yarns sent me the NICEST e-mail when I placed my order. She's SUCH a sweetie. So basically, I'm HIGHLY recommending these two and YES. There will be handspun pics soon...Well...somewhat soon.

Blogs of Interest.

On a separate subject. Have you wished Ms. Violet a happy birthday yet?

I'm not sure if I've talked about this blog before but I know many others have. OH this woman's my idol. She rocks! Being a newbie, I really appreciate her in depth commentary and her tutorials. Want to try your hand at sewing? Looking for some inspiration? Get over to Erica's. You won't be dissapointed.

That's all for now. See you soon.

Take Good Care.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Back Onto the Face of the Earth

Now how firmly I am affixed onto said face has yet to be determined. Sincere apologies all around for the lack of posts. Life has been nuts for me as it is for most people so I won’t even bore you with excuses that will only sound hollow to everyone else who works hard and has unexpected circumstances popping out. Suffice it to say crazy work hours, wacky personal stuff, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Ok. That being said, I have missed this little community. I’ve missed blogging and reading blogs and my spinning and knitting groups. I hope to get back to a little bit of normal (well, my normal) soon.

In the meantime, however...OH the things I have to share with you.


Flying Geese (bloody) Blanket

I fell in love with this pattern from the moment I saw it. I mean, it’s a great book, right? I took a break from working on my mom’s FPS to “whip this up”. Man this always happens to me. And I suppose that until I learn to have reasonable deadlines, I’ll still be considered a newbie.

I was ok with the endless stockinette for quite some time but this thing really did go on FOREVER. I made the SEVENTEEN flying geese strips.

Then I added the larger squares.

Endless, I tell ya. Up side? My first experience with mitered squares. It was really cool watching the whole thing come together and having that ooooOOOOOH light bulb moment. Neat.
Just as I was adding the border, Mr. Murphy reared his ugly head. You see, I always order more yarn than I need. Prior to jumping into this lovely fiber world, I'd read many horror stories about midnight runs to LYS's and fruitless efforts to match dyelots. Anyway, I felt fairly comfortable that I ordered enough yarn. So I'm knitting the border and watching what seems to be the last ball of brown yarn dwindle away. I searched my house HIGH and low looking for what I knew to be the ACTUAL last ball of brown yarn. I searched and searched...No yarn. I couldn't believe it! I really wanted to give my MIL her lap blanket by the weekend. It was Wednesday. Ok. I didn't panic. So I ordered one more ball and asked for turbo shipping. I received it on Friday and stayed up all night working on it. When I wearily went to take a pic of the blanket while blocking...You know it. There was that nice shiny ball of brown yarn smirking at me. Ah well
So...Here it is!

The colors in the picture are a bit brighter than the actual blanket itself. At first I was concerned about the yarn. Thought it might be a bit too itchy but it actually smoothed out quite a bit. Although I try to step away from the comfort zone of knitting items in the colors shown, I really liked the color mix in the book. I couldn’t find the exact colors that appeared in the book but I really think my MIL will appreciate my nod fall colors. I decided against the tomato red. I just felt that it tipped the balance between subdued fall colors and Ode to 70’s knitting colors. Know what I mean?

Ok. So I wish I could say that I matured during my time away and that I learned from other bloggers warnings about ever growing stash but…Ah well. Let’s dispense with the feeble excuses and get to some shameless stash flashing, shall we?

I, of course went to NETA’s Spa Knit and Spin event in February. Yes, I know that Summer weather has barely begun but bear with me cuz’ if I’m takin y’all back to February, trust that it because we’re talking truly yummy and shameless here. Let's see. We've got your Indigo Moon Fibers, we've go your Spunky Eclectic (She SUCH a sweetie, by the way). I'm honestly not sure about the purple and tan fiber in the bottom middle. And, no, wiseguys, it's not due to a blackout after my very obvious fiber binge. It's because my MIL won it in one of the NETA raffles and there's no label on it. I also joined STR and I know everyone’s been raving about the yarns so I won't do a close up of the yarns although they are in the above pic...see???

Oh. And for...

Cuteness Factor/Big News…???

This has a back story. (stop groaning!) When I was at NETA, one of the vendors mentioned he was selling Great Pyrenees puppies from his latest litters. The ONLY thing that stopped me from buying one right then and there, was the fact that my cell phone died and I had no way to call my husband.

So the next day, he and I were talking about it over the phone and I did my prerequisite “I want a puppy!” whine, totally expecting his prerequisite “I do too but you know we can’t have one.” When he switched it all up on me and said “I’m not traveling as much anymore. Why not?” Although he likes bigger dogs like Newfoundlands, we decided that our townhouse living would be more suited to my favorite breed. So you know that before he could change his mind, I was on the net researching. Calling my spinning friend Kat who also owns Corgis and by the beginning of the next month…Our newest addition to the family!

So without further ado… Please meet Otis!!!

Ok. We just love him. He's a Pembroke Welsh, which is my favorite of the two Not only is he exactly the color I wanted but he’s also quite verbal. All sorts of funny noises and he’s very loving. Sure, his legs are only 2 inches long but he thinks he’s a Newfie.

On a final note to this novel…I mean post. I do want to share something. My husband’s grandmother passed away during my hiatus. And although we all felt relief that she was no longer suffering, very few things have been as difficult as letting her go. She was strong, brash and outspoken so you always knew where you stood with her. She was funny, creative and fiercely loving…So…you always knew where you stood with her. She baked boxes full of German cookies. No, I mean this kind of box. She baked and baked with no recipe in sight. She crocheted and knitted baby blankets for future great-grandchildren, the newest of whom is to arrive in November. Stitched and stitched without a pattern in sight. Yes, she was a typical grandmother. But being that I never knew my biological grandparent, she was anything but typical to me.
Well, that's actually it. I'll write more soon.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I thought I’d actually pop in for a change. Just kidding. Just thought I’d show you that I actually have been up to some stuff. I don’t have pics of the on going FSP saga yet but I do have (drumroll).

A finished Jaywalker!!! I have not started on the second sock yet but this one is done.

What is the sock laying on you ask? Well that would be some airy soft Polwarth rolegs washed and carded by yours truly. My first batch. I love this stuff! I picked it up at the CT Sheep and Wool eons ago. I was finally able to pick myself up some handy-dandy Howard hand cards from this place. A great store with a wonderful location AND they sell spinning fiber as well as yarn. Yarnia indeed. Yes, I did buy some other stuff here and yes, I will be posting about that soon…Well…relatively soon? Ahem…Onward and upward.

I started making bobbles again and this was my first pair in some time.

I needed something simple to go with a new outfit I bought. Not Van Cleef and Arpels by ANY far stretch of the imagination but it does count as an FO and they're not bad for a pair I scratched together with stuff I had laying around. I’d forgotten how much I loved plain old beading.
I also wanted to show what I've been spinning. Finally, I think I'm getting the hand of the long draw (about time)

That’s it for now. I know, weird, huh? More to come.

Take Good Care