Monday, September 24, 2007

Checking In With Actual FO's!!!

Just thought I'd pop my head in and let show you some FO's
By a Hare’s Breath.
So the Bodacious Bunny Set for my SIL's new baby is done. Here’s a picture of the sweater blocking.

Here it is post blocking and pre-assembly.

And here the final pic.

Pattern: Bodacious Bunny Set
Source: The Natural Knitter by Barbara Albright
Size: 9 Mos.
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Angel, 8 skeins Mint, 1 skein Natural
Needles: US 5, US 7, US 7 Circular, US 4 DPN’s (for bunny)
Pattern Notes:
This was a very easy and quick pattern (it helps that little people wear little clothes). It was really well written, I can’t think of anything that was particularly unclear.

Again, I’m a newbie so I’m not yet confident enough to alter a pattern but had I felt a bit bolder, I would’ve changed this to be knit in the round, there’s no real reason not to. The other thing I would’ve done differently is instead of casting off the shoulders and sewing the seams, I would’ve incorporated the 3-needle bind-off. Cuts the steps in half. This isn’t a criticism of the pattern at all, just what I’m learning to be my preference as I’m progress. On the bright side, however, it was my first experience in sewing a shoulder seam and it was a good learning experience.

About the only thing I actually found questionable was the number of skeins called for. I knit pretty much to gauge and my gauge swatch matched the instructions in the pattern. The pattern called for 6 skeins for the size I made yet it required no fewer than 8. Perhaps the writer is simply a tighter knitter than I but I felt it bore mentioning. I also think that next time I don’t knit something in the round I will most certainly try slipping the edges. Sewing the sleeves up with the clumsy increase edges was a huge PITA.

By the way, I know the bunny looks a little...well...dead in the pic but it is just the angle. He's quite cute, really.

Yarn Notes:
I’m going to do just a smidge of whining about the price of this yarn. You just don’t seem to get a whole lot for your Lorna’s Laces Angel buying dollar. $13+ for 50 yards seems a bit excessive. The skein was something like 2 inches long. I went through a bit of sticker shock. That being said, the yarn is quite GORGEOUS. You can’t go wrong Angora and Lambswool unless, of course, allergies are a factor. I ADORED the color. The only real concern I had was the threat of felting the angora. I was, after all, knitting this in mid-July. But it fared well. I blocked with a spray bottle for the same reason. I’m quite proud of this little piece.

What? A Sewing FO?

I know. I'm really excited. This is really my first sewing FO as I haven't finished anything lately. So, without further ado, The Big Nap Pillow.

Pattern: Big Nap Pillow
Size: One Size

I LOVED this pattern! It was great. I did make a couple of errors, some of which I could MacGuyver and some I could not. I won't point the mistakes out but I'm pretty sure you can see them if you look. Other than a couple of mishaps, I really enjoyed making this pattern. I love the thought behind the design. The fact that the inner pillow can be removed, the fact that the pillow has a handle. I just really like this thing. And it's HUGE! My future niece or nephew will be able to nap on this thing until she or he is 10. But it's very squishy and just right for a little one to nap on.

The only thing I did differently with this pattern was that I didn't close up the inner pillow before I finished everything else. I was concerned that I had over stuffed it and that I'd have to open it back up. I'm glad I waited because when I put the inner pillow inside the casing, it was way WAY too poofy.

I Speet On Your Second Sock Syndrome...PHUH!

Oh like you didn't already think I was silly.

I finished a pair...that's right...A PAIR of socks.

Pattern: Our Favorite Sock Pattern
Yarn: Trekking XXL (Sorry, Dono't remember the colorway)
Needles: US3 DPN's
Pattern Notes:
This was as basic as sock pattern as they come. It was very fast and was a lot of fun to make. No real issues with the pattern and I followed the instructions as given. Love the colorway (come on, it's Trekking) and I'm very pleased with the way it came out.
What Else?
I'm still working on the FPS and also have Monkeys on the needles using Claudia Handpainted Sock Yarn (YUMMY). I'll post some pics of those soon. Other than that, I've purchased way too much yarn and fiber and spend way too much time on Ravelry. So life is good!
Hope all is well with you.
Take Good Care


Jscothammerquist said...
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Jscothammerquist said...

Go on...
wit' your bad self ...

Oh that bunny sweater is the sweetest ! You present a challenge to confront my own second sock syndrome. I usually knit them 2 at atime, but the latest one I just didn't and it was on 0's ! Yikes !

( I had to rewrite the first comment because it was a mess !)

Ann K. said...

I found your Big Nap Pillow by linking from the Ravelry Sew Group. :)
Great job! I love it... and I'm so pleased to see it made by another as I've got some great fabric selected for my own version. I'm a little nervous about drawing out the piece for the large round center(s) and pocket but will survive.
I have a few other projects I'm completing but am hoping to work on the Nap Pillow in the near future. :)

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