Thursday, October 05, 2006

I Stink.

You can say it. I know it. Haven’t blogged in ages. I am sorry. So much going on but I will try to be better. I know what you’re saying. And NOW you expect me to sit through another of your diatribes? Bear with me. There’s a little bit of good stuff here.

My New Loves

I'll be adding a bunch of new blogs to my side bar and I recommend them all but I wanted to mention a few in particular.

My Fashionable life: I’ve been reading this for some time and “Amelia Raitte” (love the play on word, really) would’ve been added to my blog ages ago if I were a diligent blogger…ahem. She’s not only incredibly talented with a set of needles (must buy patterns…must by patterns…) but she weaves you in with her writing. She shares quite a bit of her self and…well... In short, I like her.

Brooklyn Tweed: Ever visit a blog a million times but every time you go to it you say “Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about this one!” I keep asking myself why I kept forgetting about this INCREDIBLY TALENTED KNITTER. Everyone needs inspiration once in a while. This blog is a regular stop for me when I need a refill.

Lime &Violet: I know you know them. I know I don’t need to advertise them but they make me do the happy dance. Lime and Violet. Ok first of all, Thanks to Violet for the birthday wishes and complementing the blog (blush). These two are guilty of two things. The first thing is making me laugh out loud on the train, which I thought was limited to when I listen to Cast-on. Thought I was safe but noooo. The one-liners were too much even for my overly developed sense of shame. The other crime they’re guilty of is developing my teensy weensy interest in sock knitting into a full-fledged obsession. There isn’t an episode this week (sniff..sniff) so I’ll just have to make due with catching up on the episodes I’ve missed. Seriously, this fiber thing, I think it’s becoming a problem. It’s an illness and I love it.

It’s a Purl Man: Again, a podcast which requires no promotion. But ya gotta love Guido. It's a fact, look it up. No, seriously. I met him briefly at the Boston Knit out and Crochet and he couldn't have been nicer! Did you listen to his interview with the afore-mentioned Jared of Brooklyn Tweed? It was really good! I particularly liked when they got into detail about his Elizabeth Zimmerman philosophy. It really made me think about my own newbie mentality. Anyway. Go listen to it.


Ha HA! , ladies and gents, Picovoli chee eeza done-ah. Just needs blocking and she's ready just in time for…FALL?????. Ugh, whatever. I really like it and frankly, I’m pretty proud. It’s not perfect, there are some errors but over all I would say I’m happy with it.

As the Heel Turns…

Yeah, I know it isn’t original. But I turned the heel and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was lead to believe it would be. Thanks again to the lovely Miss Lime for encouraging me to take that heel in hand and persevere. Just about everyone else I know told me not to go with this as my first sock. I don't know why. It really is a fun pattern. In any case, I really did appreciate Lime’s words of encouragement. Almost done! Look


Ok. Talk about another project that people are freaking me out about. My very first lace project is the Forest Path Stole from IK’s 2003 Summer Issue Issue.

Ok ok. I know you’re saying “Ah…Hey, stupid newbie, have you been chewing on your swallow caseins again? That’s an entrelac lace pattern.” I know, I know but I saw a woman model one she’d made during he NETA Spa Fashion Show last year and I’ve been obsessing over it ever since. I’m making it for my mommy for Christmas. Yes, Christmas 2006. Oh stop laughing and get off the floor. Ok, If I don’t finish it by Christmas, it’ll still make a wonderful Mother’s Day present, right??? (groan). Anyway, here's what I have done so far.

The yarn is Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud. YyyyUMMM. I also took the opportunity to pick up the Options needle set. Now, granted not one of the needle sizes was appropriate for the stole and I ended up having to add the size 3 circulars but come ON. I had to get them. A knitter cannot live on Addis alone.

I also bought the yarn for my MIL’s Christmas present which I’ve yet to receive. She does read this blog (the angel) so I won’t be posting pics of the project until after Christmas.

Boston Knit Out and Crochet

Nice job, guys! This was a great event and was it just me or did the number of attendees from last year to this year increase exponentially?

And that was just the door prize line.

It may just be that I got there kind of late last year. Loved the blogger Cafe. Let’s see. I met Guido as I mentioned above, Kimberly, who did a wonderful job organizing the Blogger Cafe, Emily, check out the great hat she's making. OH and Cathy, my favorite knitting librarian. I really liked how they had print outs of everyone’s blogs so you could get an overview. OH. Bumped into Monica. Literally. She posted an apology for offending me. Have you met Monica? She’s the biggest sweetie ever and couldn’t offend if she tried. I don’t know if you recall but she was the one who made a Dunkin’s run for EVERYONE at that dyeing workshop I took a while back? Pfff. Offended by Two Left Needles, I should only be so lucky!

I also met Wren Ross and Daena Giardella! They were awesome! They signed my book. Wren also took a few moments to talk to me about her workshopes. Did I mention I'm a singer? My first love. I'm so taking her workshop. Cuz' you know, I need stuff to do in my spare time.

Back to the Knit Out. Did you guys catch this lady?

I really loved it. I love the styles of days gone by. And this diva, I thought, carried the style off very well.

Oh Cuteness Factor

I haven't had cuteness factor in a while. This week's cuteness factor comes courtesy of the Boston Knit Out.

For the record, I don't have a dog. DH and I work long hours and it just wouldn't be fair. But my absolute favorite dog in the world is a Pembroke Welsh Corgie. Look at this little guy! I want a puppy!!!

Rhinebeck…Not meant to be.

I’m really disappointed but I will not be able to make Rhinebeck. I tried, really I did. But with no hotel room availability and my present work schedule, I just don’t see how I can. I’m heart broken. Although, don’t cry for ME, Paraguay. I’ll tell you how I have been compensated in the coming posts.

Before parting, I would like to thank those who have commented and sincerely apologize for not getting back to some of you. My roller coaster life should be settled now and I promise PROMISE to reply to you more diligently from now on. But I do want to say that I really appreciate the feedback and advice I’ve gotten so far. So thanks!

Take Good Care


Harlem Purl said...

Don't beat yourself up about it. Life seems to get in the way for a lot of us bloggers.

I was so looking forward to meeting you at Rhinebeck. Maybe next time. My son's family lives in Boston so keep me posted of any Massachusettes Fiber Festivals. K?

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hey Sweetie!
It was fun meeting you at the BKOAC and I am glad you enjoyed what I set up for the Bloggers. Hope to see more of you around New England. If you want to KIP anytime, let me know so we can organize something!

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Love your blog and the other blogs you suggested especially My Fashionable Life.