Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall Update

I figured I'd actually publish this post from October (don't ask me how I missed that) and let you know what I've been up to since I really haven't been able to post.

Apple Picking.

I did go apple picking with my WONDERFUL Friend T. Who, incidently brought me these beauties as she knew I needed cheering up.

Anyhew, apple picking…No no no…You don’t understand.


Oh it was SO much fun. We went here and I think we walked away with 5 bags between T, DH and myself.

Another reason T is a friendship goddess? She suggested we treat ourselves to a luxury weekend. We started with a spa. We went here and took a full day package. Heaven! Heated stone massage, manis, pedis. The works. Then we had dinner at XO. PHENOMENAL food. We concluded with Sunday Brunch at the Cheesecake factory. Oh ya. A completely overindulgent weekend but a wonderful time all around.

As a matter of fact I DO Say It’s My Birthday

I had a birthday in September. And the best hubby in the world got me a watch with a purple face. Oddly, (though I never told him this) it was precisely what I wanted. I’ve always said that I didn’t want a nice watch. Not even a remotely nice watch because I was sure to lose it. I always got a really cheap watch so that when I left it somewhere I wouldn’t feel bad. But I’ve been starting to feel that I’m a big girl now and seeing as I have a grown up engagement ring and wedding band, I might be able to hang on to a watch for more than a week. And with purple being my favorite color and all, I wanted a watch with a purple face. I’m not a fan of gold so that wasn’t an option.

Now, I don’t care about my birthday. It just hasn’t been a great big deal to me since 1986 when I celebrated my birthday at BK in the aftermath of Hurricane Gloria (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Gloria). I really don’t think of it, in fact, it wasn’t until DH mentioned that my birthday was coming up a week before that I even remembered it. I don’t hate aging, as DH says, “It’s better than the alternative.” I don’t have hang-ups about being 33, I’m quite enjoying my 30s. I just don’t place much importance on my birthday. But somehow, DH always finds a way to make my birthday special. I opened that box and saw what was inside and just balled my eyes out. DH did that guy thing where he was like “um…er…please don’t cry…should I be apologizing?” Why did I cry? Well, I suppose it was because I have been feeling so glum and just downright unlikeable. It’s just nice when someone does something that says “I don’t just love you. I know you THIS well and I love you.” I guess I really needed that. (Again, needed cheering)

“Is our wedding day still the best day of your life?” “ No.” “What is?” “Everyday since.”

I don’t care. I’m corny and I just don’t care, dammit. So the week prior to my b-day was our second wedding anniversary. I still can’t believe it’s been 2 whole years! I LOVED this place. I never forget how we looked out onto the then frozen Lake Winnepesauke and said. This is the place. The actual place hadn’t even been built yet! But we just knew we had to get married there.

So for our anniversary dinner we went to CAV. OMG! If you are ever in the Providence, RI area You MUST go there. It’s an antique store/restaurant. I LOVE that! The food was excellent and if you’re a dessert person, I HIGHLY recommend the Tahitian Vanilla Crème Brule.

And Oh OOOOOH! Have you heard about THIS?!?!?!!?!? Come ON, folks. A yarn safari! I was considering using there services for Rhinebeck…moment of silence…I’ll definitely keep an eye on their future trips, especially their next trip to WEBS or as Guido referred to it “OH MY GOD, WEBS!”

Honest to Goodness FO's!

My wonderful friend Anne had a baby. A little girl! I had to stop everything and make her footwear! You're never too young for a shoe...problem...Did I type that out loud? Here they are

My first booties. Not too shabby, right?

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and as always,

Take Good Care

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kat said...

what a beautiful wedding pic. you look so beautiful and you two look so happy. God bless.