Saturday, May 13, 2006

Soggy but Happy


Yep. I went to the NH Sheep and Wool and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what the subject line refers to. I wore jeans which are already a bit long on my short little legs and let me tell ya, by the end of the day, they could’ve fit my husband who’s over a foot taller than I. And chilled to the bone. Woof.

I had a wonderful time, though. This was only my second fest ever and I went with my NETA/Spinning pals Kat and Mary. I didn’t really get to meet too many bloggers as for the most part, I was concentrating on swimming…uh, treading…uh…Well, navigating the small lakes that had formed around the fairgrounds. I did get to meet Julia and I swear I caught a glimpse of Wendy but I think we were both preoccupied with getting the heck out of the downpour.

Overall, I was very good. No seriously…Stop laughing! I only purchased two Bosworth spindles...

I've heard wonderful things about them and although you can't really tell from the picture, the large spindle is made of Purpleheart (when asked, purple is my favorite color. Any shade) and the smaller is made of Tulip wood. They truly are beautiful spindles and from the little I've spun with them they seem to be very well balanced.

I also bought a Louet Niddy Noddy and 2 Addi needles for my next project.

Oh yeah and just this teenie, tiny, almost non-existant soupcon of Ingeo.

I'd never even heard of it before but fiber made of corn sounded interesting enough that buying 4 oz. of it didn't seem like too much of an indulgence. Was it disinterest or an uncharacteristic bout of self control that made me buy so little? Neither. The truth is I'd just placed an order for a new "family member" who will be arriving (hopefully) later this week. There’s also the fact that I did NOT exhibit ANY self control in CT. (you'll see in a future post).

I nearly did go home with the most aDORable little charcoal gray angora bunny. Mary made the mistake of putting him in my arms and if it hadn't been for Kat and dear hubby (bless him for even coming with me) I swear I would’ve told the lady (dealer) to reach into my purse and take out whatever she was asking for the bunny (and whatever else). Alas, I live in a townhouse and the silly condo association would never allow me to put up a little home for “Cute Ball O' Fur”. Phooey. So, we parted ways.

This is what I love about these festivals (all two that I’ve been to). It was SOOO dreary and cold but everytime I stepped into a barn, there were friendly faces and amazing eye candy.
Forgive me, I didn't take note of the name of this vendor but isn't this lovely? I was completely overstimulated. The fiber, the wheels, the yarn. And the animals. Oh. They were so cute!

Kat, Mary and I had a hard time keeping each other in check. But they are wonderful fest buddies. If I say “keep me away from fiber, this is strictly Tool Day.” They will drag me kicking and screaming and get me back on course.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the Valkyrie combs I was looking for to process the terrific Polwarth fleece I bought in CT. Oh well, online shopping it is.

I wish I had had the opportunity to meet more bloggers but the weather was just not cooperative at all. Hopefully Mass Sheep and Wool will bring sunshine. What? You thought I'd had my fill? Of course you didn't.

I have yet to post pics of my current projects but I promise there will be some of those and hopefully pics of the new family member before next week.


Carine said...

Thank you for sharing your pics, I've yet to go to a fiber festival. Those are beautiful spindles, btw. I would have had to 'rassle yah for the bunny, then have to worry about sneaking it into the building (never mind the less than thrilled reaction it would have received from the cats). *OMG* the Inego looks like a combination of marshmallow & clouds! I'm a newbie to blogging myself, but welcome!

ZantiMissKnit said...

I was there too, and yup. . . wet, soggy, but not as cold as last year.

Those brownies in the first building sure were good too!

del said...

All these GREAT blog entries about these fiber fests make me so mad that there are none close to where I live. It all looks so interesting!