Friday, June 09, 2006

Late Posts = Long Posts

It's been a crazy week but I assure you I had blogging on my mind daily. First of all. Didja see? Didja see? Black Purl, that clevah online needle craft zine named this humble little blog Blog of the Week?. I was so pleased. I loved that zine. They have really great articles and free patterns. If you haven't yet travelled over there, I suggest you do. But thanks to NaSheika and L'Tonya at Black Purl it was such a neat surprise to click on the newsletter and see my name pop up. Made my week.

Ok. I have to back track a little and give you the events from Sunday. It was the first Sunday of the month which meant Sunday Spinners got together again. I had a blast. These clever ladies always have something new in the works. I've learned SO much from them it's hard to believe this was only my 3rd meeting. Kris, who runs the group is amazing. She's an incredibly talented spinner and she put together this little contraption.

Now all week I made sure to remember what this thing was called and lo and behold I cannot for the life of me remember now. Good old Mr. Murphy and his stupid law. I'll be sure and ask Kris for the actual name of it but it's basically a spindle made with a paint stick and a dowel. You spin the yarn with a propeller-type action and when you are ready you wind it on to the paint stick. So clever. I thought it was neat. On a side ramble, I'm 32 and I swear my mind is going. Words just seem to be jumping in and out of my vocabulary. Now, granted, technically, English is not my first language. I came to the US and learned English when I was 8 years old so my command of the language is at least passable. So that's not it. And I'm not talking about complicated words here either. I mean I'll be talking to my husband and be like "Could you get me some...ah... you know... so of those blocks of frozen water to put in my drink?" or "Would you pass 4-pronged eating implement?" For the love of GOD! Someone tell me this gets better. Anyway, enough of my brain issues.

More Sunday Spinner stuff. Heather dyed some roving in Easter Egg Dye and got this

Neat, huh?

In other spinning news. The Sheep Shed Merino/Tencel I purchased at MA Sheep and Wool spun up quite nicely.

I used a short draw for this particular spinning adventure. This stuff spun up like a dream. So soft and colorful. I was actually sad when I was done spinning it. (Again, I'm aware of the fact that I am a fiber dork). It did require predrafting so keep that in mind if you decide to spin any of this stuff. But the end product OH. How lovely. It almost has the look of silk. I don't know what I'll make with it. Let's see what happens when I ply it. But I liked it so much I called up the Sheep Shed and ordered 14 more ounces. (Yes, I have a problem).

I was able to cast on and get a few rows of Picovoli done.
I swatched and blocked both Knitpicks Shine and the DB Cathay I purchased at Webs a couple of weeks ago. The Cathay was way off so like a good little knitter who was seriously spanked on a previous project which will not be named (ahem), I went with the Shine. It was either that or go up a needle size which really wasn't necessary. I have to say, I'm diggin the Shine. It's really REALLY soft and nice to knit up. And at a whopping $2.95 a ball, how can you go wrong? What do you mean "famous last words."? The shade is Butter if you are wondering. I'm trying to push myself out of my purple/blue/pink comfort zone.

I had to cast this sucker on 3 times. I have done a provisional cast on only once and it was when I was first learning to knit about a year ago. I have to thank Amy, once again for her amazing online videos. I'm sure you've been to her site. She's not on my list of First Aid sites for nothin. If you haven't been there, I suggest you click on her link ASAP. Go on, off with you.

In any case, I really like this pattern. I like that it knits from the top. It's something I haven't done before and that's been my goal in trying to improve my knitting this year. Every pattern must have at least one technique I haven't tried before.

I don't have a cuteness factor pic this week (the audience sighs in dissapointment). But I do have a site of interest. Carine has been travelling around the country and has been taking some amazing pictures. (no, I'm not referring to myself in third person, sheesh, a girl forgets a simple word like fork and all of a sudden you think she's completely lost her marbles). Go check it out. They're simply inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Carine!

My biggest news is that my very very good friend is coming "home" for a visit. I haven't seen her in 7 whole years. I have missed her so much. I hate that I haven't communicated with her
as much as I should have. Everytime I talk to her or get an e-mail from her, my whole day lights up so I am just elated that we'll get to spend some time together. (doing that silly clapping dancing thing).

And last but now least. I have you been listening to any knitting podcasts? Go on, check out a few. They are really great to listen to while you are crafting.

Well, that's it for now.

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Carine said...


Yours was the first blog I read on my brief return to blogland. Congrats on being blog of the week! Your spun yarn looks almost edible, that's how gorgeous it is. Mmmmmm, sherbert. OMG, I do the same thing with words and then add the switching of adjective and noun placement that romance languages have (not as bad as saying the car green, but for subtle things I constantly have to ask myself like, "now what was it in english again, papertowel or towelpaper?") and I've been here since I was 4 for goodness sakes. Haha, I thought there were 3 of us now (what would the chances be) when I saw my name mentioned. Teehee, thanks Carine!